Juice Cleanse: Is It Right For You?

Is Juice Cleanse Right For You?

Human body is a marvellous machine. It has the ability to do the impossible and yet we don’t treat it the way we should. Yes, you and I both exercise and eat right but is that enough? Why do we need to Juice Cleanse and should we do it?

Always consult […]

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10 Easy Hacks To Lose Weight For Lazy People

10 Easy Hacks To Lose Weight For Lazy People

Trying to lose weight can be mortifying when you follow hard regimens but fail to see any significant results. Even if you do succeed in losing weight following some routine, you are likely to gain weight again if you go back to old habits or if you […]

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Keto Diet for beginners

What is keto or ketogenic diet?  

Keto diet is low carb diet in which liver produces ketones which the body uses as the fuel and energy. It is also known as ketogenic diet or keto diet. This diet basically includes high fat, low carb diet. Any diets or programs should be started with the consultation […]

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6 Yoga Poses For A Dancer’s Body

Yoga, with its combination of physical and breathing techniques, can help you achieve a toned and flexible body like that of a dancer. It can help practicing dancers improve their stamina and focus. It can also help you remain calm and reduce dance-related injuries.

Let’s take a look at some yoga postures you can practice for […]

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Amazing benefits of Ghee / Clarified Butter

Ghee or clarified butter enhances the taste of any food and it has amazing health benefits. But no one wants to get fat. But is this true that you can get fat by eating Ghee/ clarified butter?

Ayurveda texts and recent research proves otherwise. Have you heard of ketogenic diet?

This type of diet includes healthy fats […]

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10 Practical Uses Of Coconut Oil

The web is filled with uses of coconut oil. There is so much noise about the benefits that it creates confusion what to believe and what is practical.

We have 10 practical uses of coconut oil that you can use in your everyday life. Choose virgin unrefined coconut oil for full benefits. Make sure that you […]

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5 Healthy drinks (not just tea) you need to try

There are many ways to intake water and other ingredients that are helpful to us in so many ways. Let us explore some of them and learn quite the way around laziness and boredom of drinking just regular tea or coffee. Here are 5 Healthy drinks (not just tea) you need to try.

1. Lemon is the […]

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