Summer Vacation Style Guide (must-haves)

Style Guide must-haves for your summer vacation 

They say a woman spends nearly a year of her lifetime in deciding what outfit to wear for the day. This dilemma might just get worse if you are planning a summer vacation. We have put together a Summer Vacation Style Guide for you that will help you choose wisely and help you look your best.

The most important factor that will decide what to wear is your vacation destination. What you wear on the beach in Nantucket would look different from your outfit on a Thai beach.

Nothing can beat basic, versatile pieces. They can be mixed and matched with other pieces of clothing and help you create new outfits with just a few pieces. For example, a tank top can just as easily be paired with jeans as it can be paired with shorts or a skirt.

While keeping clothing simple, you can play with accessories. Sunglasses, jewelry, flat sandals, hats, handbags and summer scarves can change each outfit’s look with the right combination. Just don’t wear every accessory all at once.

Here are some basic summer clothing pieces that you should have in your closet and with these you can create different vacation outfit combinations.

Summer Dress

Summer dresses aka sundresses are casual dresses to be worn in warm weather. There is nothing more comfortable than a sundress to wear on your vacation. Pair it with flats, put on a hat and you are good to go.

summer vacation dress guide

Summer Dress by Gal Meets Glam



Hats are great not just to protect from the sun but also as a style statement. You can put on a hat with any piece of clothing – skirt, jeans, shorts, dress.

summer style hat



Let’s admit it. Sunglasses have a way of making anyone look cool. There are so many colors and frames to choose from. Select the right frame according to your face shape.

sunglasses for summer




You end up exploring a lot of places on foot when you are on vacation. We recommend flats for the simple reason that they are comfortable to walk in.

From sandals to espadrilles, there are many options when it comes to flats and they pair well with most outfits.

summer flats



Shorts look just as good with a simple tee as they do with a feminine, ruffled top. You can pair them with flats or even heels.

summer shorts


Tank top

A tank top is another really versatile piece of clothing. You can wear it with a skirt, jeans or even with shorts.

summer tank top

Tank Top


Jeans are like an all-weather friend. No matter the season, you can wear jeans at any time and pair it with any kind of top and shoes.

It is quite easy to both dress up and dress down your jeans. Want to wear them casually during the day? Pair your jeans with a tank top and flats. Looking to dress up for the evening? Wear a feminine silk top with your jeans, put on your favorite pair of heels and you are good to go.

summer jeans


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Tee shirt

Tee shirts need no introduction or description. They are comfortable and casual; and because of that, they are great to wear while travelling.

summer t-shirt



Sandals are very comfortable. You can pair them with any outfit depending upon whether you choose a flat sandal or a heeled one.

summer sandals



Jumpsuits are very elegant outfits which look great both during the day and in the evening. Both flats and heels compliment the look of a jumpsuit.

summer jumpsuit



Your bag is the most important accessory on any trip, given it holds all your cash and other important stuff. Find one that is easy to carry. Crossbody bags are very convenient when you travel as your hands are free and you don’t need to take it off and place it anywhere even when you sit.

Cross body bag



Skirts are feminine, pretty and very comfortable. They are easy to style too and work great for warmer weathers.

zip pencil skirt


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Blouses are easy to pair with jeans, skirts and shorts. Unlike t-shirts, a blouse transitions easily from day wear to evening wear.

summer blouse


Have lots of FUN this summer.


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