Style your coffee table like a pro

Styling your coffee table is all about artfully arranging accessories while still keeping the function of the table intact. We will show you some easy ways to achieve a chic, stylish look for your coffee table.

Style your coffee table like a pro

The classic, never-failing combination of books, flowers and trays is great for any coffee table. While placing all three on the table, make sure that the visual weight of one object doesn’t overpower the other.

Use objects of different height to give a visual appeal to the setting.

Use of tray is one solid way to declutter and make things look neat and arranged. Put the accessories in the tray for an instant makeover. You can use metallic brass tray or white tray (as displayed below) for that classy and elegant appeal.

coffee table tray

White Tray

Putting fresh cut flowers will add another dimension to your coffee table. It will make your room look more lively and give it a seasonal look. You can also experiment with succulent plants. Place a statement vase to keep the focus.

vase by Jonathan Adler

White and Gold Vase by Jonathan Adler

Pick a statement coffee table and let it shine on its own. If your table looks like a piece of art itself, you don’t need much to style it. You may choose a table with a good trim and finish.

coffee table brass

Embossed Cisse Coffee Table


To elaborate on this, you can also consider a table in a single metal or a gold plated frame and white marble top.

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Choose and group 3 items to be put on your table. These could be flowers, scented candles, books, a miniature show piece, little potted plant, fruits, glass bowl, etc. You can stack your coffee table books to give it a neater look. This way, you can also play with heights when it comes to accessories placed on the coffee table.

candle for coffee table



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Choose 2 or 3 smaller tables, all should have the same shape. Club them or stagger them. Keep different accessories on each table.

two tables coffee tables

Set of Tables

Use a single statement accessory like a fancy glass bowl. It’ll be enough on its own, you won’t need to add anything further. Make it a little mysterious like a decorated box with a lid.

Get an ottoman, place a tray on it and display flowers, candles, etc.

coffee table ottoman


Get one of those table-over-table combination also known as nesting tables. This can be used for accessorizing and to provide space and function too.

Place traditional double ottoman coffee tables. They provide functionality and also lend a designer look to your space.


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