Productivity hacks that will help you get so much more out of your day

With a new year comes new motivation and excitement to do better in life. But can we really get better without changing the habits we have? The idea is to get more out of the limited time we have in a day. So, we have put together a list of life hacks that will make you more productive and help you get so much more out of that busy day.

Some productivity hacks that will help you get so much more out of your day

1. Start your day early

While getting up between 4-5 am can sound awful, starting your day early is highly crucial in getting more things done. The later you start your day, the more time is wasted. Ask any highly successful entrepreneur what time they wake up; chances are “4.30 am” will be the answer.

Start by getting up 20-30 minutes earlier than the last morning. This will only take a few days before you wake up at 4 and then keep that habit. You will have way more things done away with by the time others even start their day.

2.Workout before you start any work

Working out first thing in the morning will give you a good start to the day. It will raise your energy levels and boost your mood. It also means one less thing to do at the end of your day.

If you are short on time then you can follow a quick yoga routine. Work out your entire body with this powerful yoga sequence.

3.Turn off notifications and put your phone away

The very gadgets that should make us productive are actually the ones eating up all our valuable time. Case in point, your precious Smartphone. You don’t need to waste any time on the phone especially before the clock even hits 9am. Turn off all notifications and put your phone on a mode where only very important callers are received.

You can develop some healthy habits for life. 21 Daily Habits That Fit People Live By And You Can Too.

4.Schedule your day in detail

Make to-do lists, use a to-do list app or use a traditional planner. Whatever you do, just write down your entire day’s schedule properly and as per priority. These constant reminders will help you get organized along the way.

5.Set deadlines for every task

Deadlines help you stay focused and will make you feel just the right amount of pressure to get things done on time. The more you religiously follow your self-set deadlines, the less likely you are to postpone important tasks.

The infographic below will help you as a quick reference.

6.Perform difficult tasks first

People usually tend to do the easier stuff first but finishing difficult tasks first will help you accomplish your goals faster and less likely to put off tasks further in the day.

7.Stop multitasking

No matter how much multitasking is glorified, just don’t do it. Focus on only one task at a time. Doing everything in a proper way with utmost focus will get you far better results than doing everything at once in a mediocre manner.

8.Limit social media usage

Checking holiday pictures of your friends or watching cat videos is helping no one. Especially not a productive you! Stay off social media while working, either use a site-blocker or blacklist social media sites for working hours in the day.

9.Learn to ignore

Prioritizing the important stuff means learning to ignore some other things. Like that tweet from a magazine you follow or the newsfeed. It also means not replying to every email the moment it pops up in your inbox. Steering clear of such distractions will save you tons of time and energy that you can focus on accomplishing important tasks.

10.Allocate time to check e-mail

It is better to designate a specific hour particularly for emails rather than sporadically checking it all day.

11.Create a before-bedtime routine

Whether it is putting together the next day’s outfit or organizing your work bag, doing these things beforehand will save you time in the morning.

12.Avoid screen time right before bed

Put all your gadgets away 30 minutes before you go to bed. This will help you clear your head and get good sleep. You need proper sleep time to be productive all day.

13.Analyze your progress regularly

Take some time in the weekends to sit and analyze if your strategies are working for you. What is missing, why and what you could change to take control of your life?

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