Office Bag Essentials For Men

Gentlemen, What should be in your office bag?

There might be tons of things that you want to take to the office in your office bag and you might probably be doing so already.  So, what should be in your office bag? It must be light yet should have useful stuff. If you are carrying a lot of gadgets then, it really is going to be heavy. Still, we try to minimize things we should carry here in this article. Here are 14 things every man should carry in his office bag. These are the office bag essentials you must consider.

Do You Need A Laptop?

Many organizations provide you with a laptop to work. If you can do without carrying the laptop home every day, then you can shed some load off your shoulders literally. Ask your office if you can store the laptop in your locker or leave it on your desk after turning it off.

Some security concerns might be there but you should clarify them with your boss. If you do need to carry the laptop, then get a bag that will not only accommodate the laptop but also other stuff.

Here is the perfect bag for your machine and other stuff that you need to pull out to create your magic.

laptop backpack

Laptop Backpack for $29.99


laptop briefcase bag

Laptop Bag for $26.99



A Notepad With Papers

Yes, a notepad with papers. You read it right. Your tablets and devices cannot beat paper. The time that you take to turn on the iPads or other tablets, you will be on the next page on your paper notepad. It is cool old school and you can look at the notes anytime, anywhere without worrying about the battery.

You don’t need to carry around a charger and it is convenient. You can scribble your ideas on the paper and be assured that it will not crash.

One piece of advice, don’t waste the papers mindlessly. It takes trees to make paper and there is already a lot of damage that humans have caused to the forests and environment.



Notepad for $19.95



Ideally, it should be in the outer pocket of the bag that you carry so that you can hear it when it rings. Most people keep the phones in the pockets of their pants or shirts but most of the non-sponsored studies have shown that the cellphones give out radiations that harm our bodies. A little distance from your body may have no or minimal radiation effect on you.



What are you going to use to write on the notepad that you just got for yourself? A pencil. Yes, pens are great too. But you can erase the stuff that you do not want on the pages of your notepad and save some pages and trees. You will save a lot of trees like this over time.

You can avoid the wooden pencil and opt for the mechanical pencil. Here is one that you will like.

uni pencil

Uni Mechanical Pencil for $9.30




Get an ink pen if possible and if you don’t travel by air. Get a ballpoint if you would use your pen when up in the air.

Some people use the fountain pens like calligraphy pens and create stunning work. If you have spare time sometimes in your office, give it a try as a hobby. Here is the pen that is great in the rough environment.

Smith Wesson pen

Smith Wesson for $22.34



Most mechanical pens come with erasers but they are too tiny. Get an eraser to correct your deviations and get perfect snaps of the work that you created on your notepad and post them on your social media. This one will fit perfectly to the angles of your fingers.


Scholar Eraser for $3.90


Your Reading Glasses

Get a pair of reading glasses if your eyes demand them. You may be using contact lenses but I personally find and use the glasses as number one choice. You look extra smart with glasses and don’t have to worry about the irritation in the eyes with the contacts. Get a good case for them so that they stay safe in your bag.


glass case

Case for your glasses for $7.99



Oh! You might think you don’t need them but my friend you do. There are many reasons to keep the mint handy. The top is to keep your breath fresh. You don’t just need to look fresh but when you open your mouth, you should smell fresh too. People will like you more if you always make them feel that you are always fresh and alert. You will attract more friends and admirers.


Altoids mint

Altoids Mints for $15.58 for a pack of 12


Talking about being alert, let me take you to the next things that must be with you.


Your Mug

Carry your favorite mug or keep it in the desk if you think it will remain safe there. If you are a tea drinker, then carry teabags with you of your favorite brand or blend.

Don’t take my word for it. There was a report that office mugs that are used by everyone is so dirty, that it’s dirty than the toilet.


Mug for $24.99



If your office doesn’t provide mug coaster then carry one in your bag or keep one in the drawer.  It helps if you care about your work desk.


Old World Coaster (set of 4) for $15.36


Hand Sanitizer

If your office doesn’t keep hand sanitizer you do keep it in your drawer or carry it in your bag. Hygiene should be your number one priority. This will keep those germs from the bathroom and slimy handshakes off the bay. You know what I mean.

One thing to take care is that don’t overdo it. Anything that is overused or overdone loses it potency and has side effects of its own.

pocket size



Hand Sanitizer (pack of 6) for $9.80



You should always use the moisturizer after lunch. By this time your skin has lost water and you need to look fresh and dewy, not dry and out. This way you will age gracefully and avoid early signs of aging.

bulldog moisturizer

Bull Dog Moisturizer for $8.40


Snack Or A Fruit

You should eat your lunch that you brought from home if your office doesn’t provide lunch. This way you will eat healthy and avoid adding empty calories. Not to mention the money that you will save.

It is good to have a late afternoon fruit or an oats cookie (better if it is homemade) to keep the metabolism rolling. Going hungry in the late afternoon is not good as you will end up slowing your metabolism. Blood glucose levels drop and you become cranky at this time of the day.

Please do not go for the energy bars or energy drinks. They are full of sugar and it does more harm.


Emergency Cash

Keep say around $20 in your bag in sort of some change and 1’s for a time when you cannot pay digitally or forget your wallet or phone or for so many other reasons.


coin and cash pocket

Coin, card and cash sleeve for $19.97


There are other things and stuff that you can put in your office bag like a comb, and your business cards and so on. It depends on the work you have. If you have a job that requires you to carry tools then make a list of the tools that you need to have and check every morning before heading out the door.


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