Money And Health: Save Both (You Are Living A Lie)

All of us live our lives with so many lies. You might be thinking what am I saying? You know everything, yeah? With so much technology at your fingertips, you might.

What are we made to believe?

We are continuously bombarded with information that may not be true. We become our own doctors and therapists and start our own regimens of harmful or fake substances. We are talking about supplements that we pop and drink without giving it a second thought. Our bodies might not need these many protein shakes, vitamins, minerals and so on.

There is a supplement for everything. This is true that nature has provided us with so many natural products to heal our bodies when it’s damaged or not well. This does not mean in any way that we keep on taking these supplements even when we might not need them.

Food is medicine

Ayurveda is a science that came from India. It says that the food is a medicine. This means that you eat in a way that there is no need for medicines ever, particularly in these times of toxic medicines which have so many side effects. You take medicine for one condition and risk 10 to 20 more conditions by taking or trying to cure that one condition.

The lobby that is controlling these supplement laws over the world are powerful as Pharma lobby and can even influence government decisions regarding their regulations and laws.

According to one study, the market for these vitamins and supplements is over $15 billion in the US alone. This is a big amount and what about the worldwide sales that they do.

Certain vitamins, when taken for a long time, may increase the risk of cancer and other diseases.

If you follow a healthy lifestyle like exercising twice or thrice in a week and eat mostly home cooked fresh meals, take fruits and vegetables that are free of insecticides or pesticides, then there is hardly any need for additional vitamins and minerals.

Ok, now that you have developed some condition like say hypothyroid and you are on medicines that your doctor prescribed. You may be looking for some supplement that can cure you or you heard about some supplement from your friends, it might or might not be a good idea to try one.

In developed countries, there is no shortage of food and there are a variety of foods that have an almost complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals. So, there is hardly any need for additional vitamins and minerals.

In certain instances, many supplements were tested to be fake. There were no ingredients that were claimed on the label.

If you need to take certain supplements as I talked about earlier about a certain condition to be cured then do ask your doctor. I will suggest that you get your supplements and vitamins tested by a lab near you to ascertain the efficacy of what the manufacturers claim.

Take a paper and pen or pencil and note down the cost of each bottle that you gulp down each month. Now, total it. Consider this amount to be spent on fruits. Let’s say all spectrum of fruits. You will end up healthy.


You might have seen the adverts that this fruit or this vegetable is useful and that their tablet or powder is 10 times more potent and so on. This means that they are telling you that nature, that made you and me and that fruit or vegetable is a fool and made a mistake.

No, it’s not like that but nature is so smart that it knew what and how much your body needs that is why the size of that fruit or veggie is what it is.

The other factor is the season, why certain fruits and vegetables grow only in particular season; the reason is that your body will have the need for that nutrition in that season.

So, always take your veggies and fruits in the season that they grow and avoid cold storage off-season produce.

Watermelon, for example, is large because nature knows that you might need water through it and it can still satisfy 2 to 3 people. Beets are small because nature knows how much you need. This is the reason we should not try to change the way we live. Why we get sick is because we go against nature. Now, what is nature?

Nature is within us. The natural cycle of our bodies is nature. We sleep at night is nature. We feel hungry after a hard work or workout is nature. The more you are in the natural rhythmic cycle of your body and season or planet, the healthier you are and less you age.

Eating fruits and veggies gives a glow to your skin and nails. You will smell nice. You must notice that when you take vitamins and supplements in pill or powder you stink like a chemical dump. This is the body trying to cleanse itself of the chemicals that you ingested.

How you would like to smell and feel now depends on you.

Water is a miracle

Now coming to another most ridiculous claim that companies make, Water.

Yes, water is the one thing that was and is there on this planet way before you and me or our forefathers were on this planet. Some companies put a best before the date on water bottles. This is the most absurd thing to do. Water cannot expire, period.

Yes, the life of the bottle that may be plastic can affect your health. So, why buy a bottle. We used to survive before water was bottled in plastic. Some companies just filter the water and charge around 2000 percent than the normal water we get at our homes.

So, what can you and I do? Take a steel bottle and use it. You can use a glass bottle as well. Why, you ask?

Steel and glass bottles have no negative effect on water quality compared to plastic. You can leave the bottle in your car, in sunlight but do this with a plastic bottle and you are drinking plastic and harming yourself.

You will also help save the earth by reducing the plastic in the environment.

In one study on water, Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto concluded that water has memory and that positive words or negative words affect the properties of water. (Article coming up on this topic, keep checking this space)

He spoke good words to water and froze the water. The crystals observed under the microscope were perfect. He did the same with the negative words and was surprised that the water crystals were distorted and distressed.

In India, some Vedic texts tell that we need to live according to the cycles of sun and moon and planet position. This knowledge was distorted by the later rulers but still, original texts can be found.

These texts also describe how water should be consumed. To generalize this, they say that you need to sit down, calm your mind, think something that is positive or have some gratitude in your heart and drink the water sip by sip thinking you are drinking an elixir. This way water will act as an elixir and you will feel good and happy.

To be honest I have tried this myself. I want to share that I am calmer now than I used to be before this sort of experiment. Usually, I take water and hold the glass in both my hands and feel gratitude in my heart (I don’t pray, just thankful in general) and take it slowly not rushing it.

What’s more is that I noticed that I used to forget to take water or took it in less than required quantity. After I started practicing this, I consume more water now, almost perfect amount of consumption.

Next part of this will be coming shortly. Keep visiting us to be updated on this further.


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