Easy ideas to make your work desk look lively and exciting

Whether your work desk is in your office cubicle or in your home office, organizing and sprucing up your space with some style will make those long hours less boring while creating a positive energy flow. We’ve put together a list of our favorite tips to help you style your chicest desk ever!

Here are some easy ideas to make your work desk lively and exciting.

1. Add fresh flowers

Fresh flowers look beautiful and smell great. They can instantly lift up the mood of any space. Change them out every week.

2. Use a metallic flower vase

Don’t place a drab and boring flower holder. Add some interest by finding a metallic finish (rose gold, yellow gold, silver, copper) flower vase.

3. Add some greenery

Decorating your table with a plant will not only look chic but is also said to reduce stress and increase creativity.

4. Follow a color theme

While choosing your desk stationery like pencil holders, diary, stapler, tray, pencils, etc, follow a particular color theme (like pastels or gold or black and gold or pretty pinks) that represent your personality.

5. Add a throw pillow to your chair

Keeping a throw pillow will give you some extra back support for all those long hours. Find one with some fun prints or faux fur.

6. Desk organizer

Find a stylish desk organizer to keep your table looking chic and clutter-free.

7. Framed photos and art

Choose minimalist frames and put your favorite photos and artwork in them. Display these in an organized manner in your cubicle or office wall.

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