Hair Care Tips Every Man Must Know

We all have the same set of hair all our lives and we experiment with them almost all our lives if they are still there by our 50’s or 60’s. We spoke to a lot of men and learned that hair was among top 5 reasons that made them look good and feel confident.

Using just products for the hair is one thing and taking care to look good and continue to have healthy hair is another ball game.

We get to modify our styles and our appearance just by the crown hair that we carry. In this time and space people in certain industries or line of business may not care about your spike hair but look for talent.

However, what if you looked stylish, cool and sharp with healthy hair on your head; that will make you happy, isn’t it?

We bring you the best a man can do to keep his hair strong and healthy.

  1. Eat Healthy

Yes, you read it right. The nutrients that you put in your body is the first step in managing your hair to be strong and healthy.

We will tell you all that is required for the healthy hair and otherwise will also help your health not only hair. The catch here is that you will have to balance the proportions of these nutrients.

Just keep the balance and do not over do any food or methods.

Iron is one of the top ingredients that help hair health. Next are protein, vitamin c, biotin (part and parcel of B complex), vitamin E, vitamin A, omega 3 with omega 6 and zinc.

You might be thinking of getting the pills for all these but I will strongly recommend that you change your lifestyle to eating natural and fresh food, veggies, fruits and so forth.

The natural way of getting these nutrients is best, as even the scientist cannot determine what other nutrients present in the foods help in their proper absorption without any harm. So, you will save money on pills and powders and get your tasty food at the same time.

So, where do you find all these nutrients?

Iron rich foods are eggs, spinach and lentils. Zinc rich foods are pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, spinach and lentils. You can get your vitamin E from almonds, spinach, and avocados. Protein from lentils, egg, meat, dairy and nuts. Vitamin C rich foods are lemon, oranges, broccoli, kiwi fruit, papaya and blueberries.  Omega 3 & 6 rich foods are flax seed, mustard oil, walnuts and coconut oil. Biotin is available in B-complex foods that are whole grains, egg yolk, soy, grams and legumes.

Make use of these in every day recipes.

  1. Too much use of products

Give your hair a break now and then from all the products that you use everyday like shampoos and conditioners, gels and sprays. It might be good to use these products to keep the looks of shiny hair but overuse of these can weaken the roots of the hair and damage them.

Give at least 2 days break before using that shampoo or conditioner again.

Use clarifying shampoo to clear the product buildup once every week.

Hair care for men

Kenra Clarifying Shampoo


Instead use hair oils like sweet almond oil or coconut oil to massage the head. This will strengthen the roots and nourish them.

Check out Almond oil health and hair benefits.  Check the benefits of Coconut oil for health and hair

  1. Hormone imbalance

There might be hormonal imbalance that might cause hair loss. Go to your doctor to test if this is the reason. Ask your doctor more about it.

  1. Over brushing or excessive hair dryer use

This is one of the fastest ways to loose and make hair rough. Whenever you comb hair and repeat this too much, you damage hair strands. Regular to excessive use of hair dryer will make your scalp dry and flaky.

Try the natural ways to dry the hair with towel.

You can use natural hair masks instead of chemical products once in a while.


hair care for men


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