15 Easy ways to stay creative

Your packed schedule might leave you with no time and work might feel mundane but you can still find easy ways to be creative and stay inspired. Creativity not only helps us work-wise but can also improve our quality of life.

We hereby give you 15 easy ways to stay creative and on top of your game.

  1. Try new things

Now this may sound vague, but trying new things will expose us to the knowledge and experiences that we may have stayed away from. It could be something as simple as listening to different kind of music or something like travelling to a place you have never been to before.

  1. Find time to be closer to nature

Even research says that nature can help us be inspired. You can hike a forest trail or simply go for a run. Natural settings help us relieve stress, make us happier and relieve attention fatigue from work.

  1. Read a book

There is no wonder how valuable books can be. Regular reading, of books not magazines or blogs, helps in relaxing while actively engaging your imagination. You will gain an amazing amount of information that can be put to use in problem solving, coming up with new ideas or even in conversations.

Reading is one of the finest habits you can develop.

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  1. Meditate

Meditation can help you focus inward, develop better concentration and enhance memory. The cognitive and psychological benefits provided by mediation can help you in your creative process.

  1. Always keep a notebook with you

Keeping a notebook with you at all times will help you in putting down your ideas on paper immediately. Sometimes creativity or a new idea strikes when you are not at work and without something to write it down on, you will most likely forget it.

  1. Be curious

People who stop being curious to learn about new things usually also stop being creative. The more you feed your mental hunger, the more it will grow.

  1. Observe

Observation is an act or process of carefully watching or noting an occurrence. When you learn to observe things around you, you gain a new perspective and you might be able to draw creative ideas from the things that you see.

  1. Try writing

You could start by writing in your journal. You could even write free articles in your field of work. Writing will force you to analyze things in a deeper manner which can lead to more ideas and even help boost your confidence.

  1. Organize your space

When you de-clutter your physical space (home or office) and systematically organize everything in an order, you will feel mentally fresher and ready to embrace new ideas.

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  1. Go for a walk/hike/run/workout

Apart from the refreshing break that physical exercise can give you, the increased blood flow to your brain provides you with psychological benefits like lifting your mood, clear thinking, concentration, etc.

The following infographic will help you as a quick reference.

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  1. Shake up your routine

Change up your daily routine to make life less mundane. Taking a different route to work or eating at a new place or trying a new activity instead of watching TV in the evening can help you think differently.

  1. Surround yourself with creative people

It is no wonder that we tend to draw ideas and our way of thinking from people around us. Try to surround yourself with creative people who identify and solve problems. You can learn a lot from such folks.

  1. Follow a magazine or blog

Follow a magazine or a blog that serves new ideas on a regular basis. You will learn about what is trending in your field while drawing inspiration for new ideas at the same time.

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  1. Pursue a creative hobby

Pursuing a creative hobby like painting or singing or writing a new song can help you think beyond your usual perspective. You might be able to draw inspiration from a hobby that works well for your profession.

  1. Take a break

We have reserved the last spot for the easiest way, Take a Break! Working for long hours without any breaks can sap your energy and make work dull. Taking small breaks to recharge and refresh is always recommended to stay creative.

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