10 Super Easy Tricks To Make Your Home More Inviting Than Ever Before

A home that feels inviting and comfortable is the kind of home everyone aims to achieve. It is also one that guests would love to visit and remember. So, how can you achieve that lived-in cozy aesthetic that feels informal and homely but also exhibits great decor? It is easier than you might think.

Read on to find out easy ideas and tricks that will help turn that house into an inviting, cozy home!

  1. Start right at the front door

You can display a beautiful wreath on your front door. It could be made with branches, leaves and flowers or could even be made with artificial material. You can also change the wreath according to the changing seasons.

door wreath

Blush Tulip Front Door Wreath 19 Inch – Stunning Spring Front Door Wreath

Like all things natural, plants have a great way of making a space feel inviting. You can keep plants in big planters or small, depending on the space that you have, to make your front door look beautiful.

Welcome mats in quirky and cute designs add a nice touch to your home’s entrance.

  1. Entryway

The entryway is the first space inside your home that guests are introduced to. Make an effort to style it for both aesthetic and function.

Place a chair or bench if someone would like to sit while taking their shoes off. Place a coat hanger. Hang an art piece or a mirror on the wall. Install a shelf or keep a table to lay down car keys, purse, etc and further style it with decor pieces.

Oil Painting Happy Frog(40x40in, Happy Frog)

Check out How To Style And Organize Your Entryway Like A Pro for more tips and ideas.

  1. Light – natural & artificial

Open up blinds and curtains to let natural light in. Nothing feels better than a room filled with natural light. It will instantly brighten up the room and lift your spirits. No one should walk in to a dark and dingy space.


12 Lights Brushed Brass Starburst Sputnik Chandelier

You should choose lighting fixtures strategically for your home. Multiple light sources are needed to fulfill all the needs of a modern home. You will need brighter lighting for larger rooms and for larger gatherings. Smaller light sources are ideal for cozy drinks and a night-in with friends. Today, you can find a range of beautiful lamps which are just as decorative as they are useful.

Candles lend a beautiful, warm glow to any space. Obviously, you will need smaller lighting to make the candles work their effect.

  1. Get rid of clutter and organize

A cluttered, unorganized home is doing neither you nor your guests any favors. It is unappealing; it makes you look lazy and leaves a bad impression.

Throw away old newspapers. Keep things you really need in your house. Don’t hoard stuff and learn to organize your home so it always looks well-put together.

Style your coffee table like a pro

  1. Bring nature indoors

You can incorporate the welcoming feeling that only nature can provide with the help of decor. Add plants, flowers and terrarium gardens to your rooms. No need to go overboard, just use these elements to style certain surfaces like coffee tables, counters and chest tops.


Self Watering Planter Modern Decorative Planter Pot (white)

Using natural textures in the form of flooring or furniture is a great way to evoke an inviting feeling. You can choose a coffee table with a wooden texture surface instead of a glass tabletop to make it look cozier.

Read 10 Easy Ways to Decorate Your Home with Plants for more inspiration.

  1. Create spaces to relax, sit, chat, have drinks

Arranging your furniture in a way that creates space where you can relax and chat with friends and family is important for any house to feel like a home.

Add cushions and throw pillows to your couches and chairs. Add a soft area rug and maybe some floor pillows. The idea is to put together a space that feels comfortable and homely.

  1. Textures

Adding different textures to a room can do wonders for the decor. Combine soft linens, pillows, fur rugs, upholstered ottomans, benches, patterned rugs, etc. They provide an interesting sense of touch and feel that adds warmth to a room making it feel comfy.

area rug

Vintage Oriental Grey and Ivory Area Rug (6’7″ x 9′)

  1. Smells that please the senses

Remember when we said that the entryway is the first space your guests get to see inside your home. Well, they also smell the indoor air that very instant. No one wants to sit too long in a place that smells stale or funny. So make sure you freshen up the indoor air.

The easiest way is to open your windows and let fresh air in. You can also add subtle fragrances with the help of scented candles, flowers, diffusers, etc.
candles in a jar

Scented Candles

Check out how to Instantly Make Your Home Smell Amazingly Good With These Easy Tips.

  1. Warm colors

Do you notice how many times we use the word ‘warm’ whenever we talk about homes? We do that because we associate homes with comfortable, stimulating, inviting and welcoming spaces. Using warm colors can do just that. You can integrate warm colors in your interiors with the help of wall color, furniture, fabric textures and also light fixtures.

  1. Display objects that show your personality

Displaying objects that you have a history with or which reflect a certain personal penchant can personalize any space. You can flaunt a vintage vinyl player that you have had in your family for generations or display an art piece that you picked up on your travels. Such things add character and interest to otherwise plain spaces.


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