Decorating solutions for those awkward corners and nooks in your house

As tricky as nooks and corners can be, they can be used innovatively adding appeal and utility to your home. Decorating the corners and nooks of your place can do wonders to the interiors. Read on to find our best 10 tips to transform and embrace those corners.

1.Seating nook

Place a set of chairs and a minimal table accessorized with flowers. Another alternative is to place a low storage bench in the shape of the nook. Store your stuff inside the furniture, add a custom-shaped cushion and throw pillows to turn it into a cozy seating nook.

corner chair for nooks

Comfort Chair


2.Accessorized corner table

Place a modern or antique table. Accessorize it with a floral arrangement, books and fancy candle holders.

decorate corners and nooks

Corner Table

3.Wall art collage

Organize and put together a collage of framed posters, artwork and family photos and you will end up with a really cool wall art corner.

corner decor

Art Collage Frames


Put that tricky corner to good use by placing a metal bookshelf against the wall and turning it into a bookcase and showcase.

decor for corners


5.Vanity corner

Add a floating vanity table, mirror, a beautiful rug and some flowers. That awkward corner is now turned into a pretty little vanity corner.

Corner Decor vanity

Vanity Table


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6.Open Shelves

Attach open-back shelves to a wall and use that open storage to display books, home décor accessories, souvenirs etc.

decor for corners

Open Shelves

7.Home office nook

Install a shelf, some wall hung storage, lighting and your office nook is ready. Keep the furniture minimalist and simple.

corner decor home office

Home Office Desk

8.Vintage chest

Placing a vintage chest makes your corner useful for storage. To make it look more aesthetic, place a painting and flowers on top of the chest.

corner decor chest unit

Vintage Chest

9.Hanging chair

Install a hanging chair and add some cute artwork on the walls of the corner that you are trying to decorate. The kids will especially love this décor hack.

corner decor

Hanging Chair

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10.Place a plant

If you don’t wish to do something dramatic with that corner, go simple. Place a large plant. It will add greenery to your interiors, soften corners and make your space feel more intimate.

corner decor plants

Planter and Stand Set


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