Work From Home: 11 practical jobs

Work from home-what it requires and what you can do.

You want to start some work from home that you can call your own and be fully responsible, if so,  then read on.

Technological times have changed the scenario to a certain extent and given us the opportunities that were not possible a decade or two […]

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10 soft skills to make your career grow

What are soft skills? How they help us? What can be done to master them. Read on to know the answers to these questions.

Soft skills are not your professional skills. These are skills that touch your peers, your clients and even your family at emotional and social level.

Soft skills represent your inner strength, effectiveness of […]

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10 work wear must-have pieces for women

Dressing for work requires equal parts professionalism and style in order to cultivate that ‘power-dressing’ approach. Read on to find out about the 10 pieces that will make you look like a boss. We have listed some of the must have’s work wear for women.

Must have work wear for women

  1. White button-down shirt

Let’s start with […]

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15 Easy ways to stay creative

Your packed schedule might leave you with no time and work might feel mundane but you can still find easy ways to be creative and stay inspired. Creativity not only helps us work-wise but can also improve our quality of life.

We hereby give you 15 easy ways to stay creative and on top of your […]

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Easy ideas to make your work desk look lively and exciting

Whether your work desk is in your office cubicle or in your home office, organizing and sprucing up your space with some style will make those long hours less boring while creating a positive energy flow. We’ve put together a list of our favorite tips to help you style your chicest desk ever!

Here are some […]

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