Amazing benefits of Ghee / Clarified Butter

Ghee or clarified butter enhances the taste of any food and it has amazing health benefits. But no one wants to get fat. But is this true that you can get fat by eating Ghee/ clarified butter?

Ayurveda texts and recent research proves otherwise. Have you heard of ketogenic diet?

This type of diet includes healthy fats like coconut oil and Ghee and olive oils. If consumed in small quantities, Ghee will benefit your health. Check your cholesterol levels before taking any kind of fat.

Ghee or clarified butter should not be eaten beyond the small amount and you should exercise moderately at the least.

What type of Ghee should you consume?

Cow’s Ghee is the best which is grass fed. The label must say grass fed and organic. You can also make Ghee at home with ease.

It contains lots of nutrients and several fatty acids that are important to our health. Here are some of the benefits of clarified butter or Ghee as it is originally known.


Unlike many oils that are refined, Ghee has a high smoking point, which means it’s a good cooking medium. Do not overheat it. As soon as it starts to melt or starts to warm up you should start putting the ingredients.

If heated after a certain point it starts to breakdown and form free radicals that are harmful to our body. Most oils like canola or peanut oil, which are partially hydrogenated to have a high smoking point, but Ghee naturally has a higher smoking point.

Due to the higher smoking point of around 470-480 degrees Fahrenheit it can be safely used in baking etc. without destroying the nutrients in the food.

Ghee has a stronger buttery flavor and enhances the flavor of the food or dish.

grass fed ghee

ANCIENT ORGANICS 100% Organic Ghee from Grass-fed Cows

Vitamin packed and body care

Ghee contains vitamin A, K and vitamin E in ample amount to take care of your skin and eyes. You will have a glow to your skin after a few weeks of eating Ghee.

You can also use this to massage your hair, your body and your face for half to one hour daily or every other day before bath. Rough skin will improve and your skin will become softer and supple. There will be a certain glow to it after proper use.

This might be a milk product but does not contain lactose and casein protein. Some of us have milk allergies due to lactose or casein. These elements are removed from Ghee through skimming and straining.

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Prevent certain diseases

The conjugated linoleic acid present in Ghee in large quantities prevents cancer and lowers high blood pressure according to some studies. Grass-fed dairy provides a higher concentration of this fatty acid that is important in disease prevention.

Butyric acid present in it promotes gut health and supports insulin levels. These studies may not be that conclusive but if taken in moderation Ghee has been effective in keeping health at the optimum levels.

Bone health, weight loss and digestion

There is enough evidence that Ghee promotes bone health. I have studied that in India this is used in healing the fractures of bone. If one tablespoon is consumed in little warm milk once in the morning then the fractured bones heal faster.

If one tablespoon is taken empty stomach before any tea or coffee or breakfast then it aids weight loss. Ghee contains medium chain fatty acids like coconut oil and eliminates fat from waist, hips and belly faster.

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As mentioned above it keeps the gut healthy so better digestion is achieved.


Take Ghee in moderation and exercise regularly. Consult your doctor before changing your diet if you suffer from any disease or condition.

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