5 Healthy drinks (not just tea) you need to try

There are many ways to intake water and other ingredients that are helpful to us in so many ways. Let us explore some of them and learn quite the way around laziness and boredom of drinking just regular tea or coffee. Here are 5 Healthy drinks (not just tea) you need to try.

1. Lemon is the king but mint is the queen

Lemon is well known for the detox capabilities it has and its health benefits. Mint is cool and refreshing and adding mint to lemon will give you a cooling effect that’s a relief in summers.

Boil a cup or two of water and switch off the heat. Then squeeze half lemon in one cup and add well grated or finely crushed two to three leaves of mint per cup. Stir it well, add honey if you like the sweet flavor and you are ready to smell and feel good.

2. Ginger is tangy and honey is sweet

Every now and then we all want to have something sweet after our meals or early in the morning. Ginger and honey can answer that call.

Ginger improves digestion and removes gas from the body. It also helps in treating cold as well. But overall the taste is good and it gives a feeling of goodness.

Honey is sweet and anti-bacterial so in early morning or after meals it will boost your energy and give you a kick of sugar with benefits.

These two together make a good combination that fights stress and depression. So smile and have a cup alone in introspection or chirping with your partner.

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3. Fennel smells good and so do you

Fennels are great smelling seeds that help you lose weight and detox. There are numerous health benefits and you can smell great as well.

Boil a cup or two of water and add fennel seeds. Let it boil of two to three minutes and switch off the heat. Now strain the water in your cup and you are ready to go.

It helps in balancing the hormones, aid in digestion, keeps the system clean and removes bad breath.

Enjoy it at any time of the day and you will add water and other health benefits to your body.

4. Cardamom is spicy and Cinnamon is complex

Cardamom with the beautiful sweet smell and spicy to eat can be combined with cinnamon stick to make tea.

Boil the water, crush the cardamom and put a small portion of cinnamon to make this tea. The health benefits are numerous and you will enjoy this mix of earthy and spicy taste of this tea. But this tea is not for everyone’s taste buds. It’s complex and strong flavored.

5. Golden it is

Take 2 cup water put on heat and add half tea spoon of fenugreek and one third spoon of fennel. Let it boil for 3 minutes. Fenugreek and fennel give this tea a beautiful golden hue.

There are lots of health benefits to this tea and it is light in taste with little bitterness of the black tea as well, so you will not miss your black tea. If you do miss your black tea, no one has stopped you. Get up and make some.

There are a number of mix and match spices and herbs that you can drink hot or cold, don’t stop at this, find your own mix.

Consult your doctor before consuming any spices specially if you have cancer or are pregnant or suffer from some disease.


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