10 work wear must-have pieces for women

Dressing for work requires equal parts professionalism and style in order to cultivate that ‘power-dressing’ approach. Read on to find out about the 10 pieces that will make you look like a boss. We have listed some of the must have’s work wear for women.

Must have work wear for women

  1. White button-down shirt

Let’s start with the most timeless and classic piece of clothing there is, the white shirt. There are endless possibilities of styling a simple shirt. It can be worn with everything from neutral to bright colors and feminine to masculine silhouettes just as effortlessly.

button down shirt

Button Down Shirt


  1. Heels/Pumps

Enough has been said and written about how the perfect shoes can boost your confidence and this is especially true when it comes to heels. They not only add height to your frame but also enhance practically any outfit you pair them with. Avoid printed and glitter heels at work.

kitten heels

Kitten Heels


  1. Wide-leg formal trousers

Wide-leg formal trousers with a high-waist look absolutely stunning and formal. Pair them with high heels and a silk shirt for a feminine look. Choose pants in a neutral color (black, white, beige, grey).

wide legged pants

Wide-Leg Trousers


  1. Pencil skirt

It is one of those classic pieces you just cannot do without. A perfectly tailored skirt paired with a nice top or shirt will always look work appropriate. Opt for a neutral color but if you buy a bright colored piece then always pair it with a neutral-colored top. Keep the length till your knee.

Pencil skirt mydailycrew

Pencil Skirt


  1. Blazer

Blazers can save practically any outfit. You can wear them as part of a two-piece suit, with trousers that don’t match or even with a skirt. You can instantly make jeans look formal if you pair them with a blazer and heels.

Blazer mydailycrew



  1. Minimal jewellery

Minimal jewelry is always proper for the workplace. It makes you look elegant and adds femininity to your look without being flashy.

Necklace mydailycrew



  1. Handbag

Invest in a good handbag, one that not only makes a statement yet is big enough to hold all your stuff. Find one that is structured minus all the clunky, flashy hardware.

Kate spade New York

Kate Spade Handbag


  1. Power suit

Nothing says professional like a power suit. You can choose from either skirt or pants suits. Find one in a good quality fabric. Since both pieces of the attire will have the same color or print, choose as per your office’s dressing standards.

suit mydailycrew



  1. Cigarette pants

Cigarette pants have a way of always looking fresh in design and flatter most body types. Find a well-fitting, ankle-length piece. They can be paired with everything from shirts and tops to blazers. Both heels and flats look equally flattering with these pants.

cigarette pants

Cigarette Pants


  1. Watch

We may have gotten used to often checking time on our phones, but nothing beats the classic time-teller. Invest in a good quality, branded watch for a formal look.

Michael Kors mydailycrew

Michael Kors


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