10 Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Home Look Glamorous

10 Decor Ideas To Make Your Home Look Glamorous

We all want our homes to look sophisticated, glamorous and luxurious but that shouldn’t always mean hiring a celebrity designer who will burn a hole through your pocket. Putting together a glam space is all about picking out the right combination of textures, colors and materials, without going overboard. Get ready for decor ideas to make your home look glamorous.

We have put together decor ideas and tips that will help you create that old Hollywood glam look in your house that you have been pining for.


  1. Color theme

Pick one color theme for the entire room and then add accents in a sophisticated color. For example, the theme of your room can be in neutral gray and white hues, then accents can be added in colors like dusty pink or metallic finishes in gold, copper, etc. Accents can be added with the help of cushions, decor items, curtains, etc.

Glamorous Home

Ralph Lauren Spencer Basketweave Pillowcase

Glamorous Home

Marbled Cosima Pillow


The right color combinations can make all the difference between a glamorous look and a trashy one.


  1. Wallcovering

Cover your walls with metallic wallpaper while keeping the rest of the decor in neutral shades. You can also bring focus to only one wall by putting metallic pattern wallpaper on it.

You can choose wallpaper designs like abstract art in the metallic finish or geometric metallic patterns in art deco design.

Glamorous Home

Felicitous Emblem Wallpaper

Another really interesting wallpaper design is that of using ‘chinoiserie’ – it is a western art characterized by the use of Chinese motifs. It looks very appealing and exceptionally beautiful.


  1. Tufted furniture

Buy a tufted couch or headboard or take your old furniture and get it tufted by an expert. Look for rich fabrics, detailed nail-head trim and deep tufting. The beauty of tufted furniture is that it always looks rich and expensive.

Glamorous Home

Isabella Dining Chair

Adding even small furniture pieces like a tufted ottoman or a tufted armchair can add a lot of richness to your space.


  1. Add faux fur and attention-grabbing throw pillows

Add a faux fur throw to your chair or sofa or a faux fur rug to your room. It will instantly make your space look glamorous. Also, add throw pillows in metallic accents and rich patterns on couches, seating and beds.

Glamorous Home

Soft Faux Rug Teal

The idea is to have textures which are visually stunning but at the same time soft and comforting to touch.


  1. Crystals and mirrors

Hanging mirrors on your walls and crystals in either your decor pieces or chandeliers are glamour staples. These showstopper pieces will reflect light, bringing a little bling to your space and making it shine. Be careful not to overdo it.

Glamorous Home

Swarovski Flamingo


  1. Metallic and jewel-toned finishes

You can spray paint mirror frames, art frames, table legs, curtain rods, etc. in metallic gold, copper, silver, etc. These finishes signify richness and extravagance.

Glamorous Home

Gold Floor Mirror

You can also use metallic finish decor pieces, candle holders, tray, etc. Hardware like door handles, cabinet handles in your kitchen, bathroom fixtures can all be chosen in metallic colors.


  1. Statement lamps

Find floor lamps in the metallic finish or hang a statement chandelier with feather design or crystals or gold. Statement pieces in rich tones add extravagance to any space.

Glamorous Home

Actoria Arc Floor Lamp


  1. Accessories and Glass furniture

 Accessorize with decor pieces which have metallic accents, sculptural elements, trays, etc.

Glass tables, mirrored furniture and Lucite chairs look ultra glamorous thanks to their reflective surfaces. They add an elegant and sophisticated look to any space.

Glamorous Home

Brass Mirrored Tray


  1. Fresh flowers and statement vases

Fresh flowers make any space look beautiful and inviting. Choose flowers like roses and peonies and arrange them to look perfect, not a petal out of place.

Choose vases that look sophisticated and expensive like a statement piece in gold finish or crystal or glass or even ceramic. You can also find vases with chinoiserie patterns.

Glamorous Home

Apricot Vase


  1. Floor-length curtains

Install curtains starting from the ceiling and touching the floor. Floor-length tall curtains look beautiful and rich. Depending upon your color scheme, you can choose from a wide range of materials, from sheer curtains to heavy velvet.

Glamorous Home

Artisan Curtain


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